Busy lives and having the local knowledge on where to source purchases or services can be daunting. That is why we created Concierge to assist our clients with those additional services that may make life a little bit easier. We are here to assist you with your property projects, household management, lifestyle requests, transportation and travel arrangements, besides the day- to -day care of your home or rental property.


For Owners or Guests requiring a personalized concierge service request we can make that happen expeditiously.

  • Shopping
  • Travel
  • Catering
  • Staffing
  • Property Care
  • Staging
  • Design
  • Provisioning
concierge work

We care and will go the extra mile to ensure before and after each arrival the property is inspected and in good working order. A condition report is completed ahead and after each stay. The property is clean and ready to welcome your guests. Including any extras. Provisioning the refrigerator, flowers, hampers etc. if requested.

Whether it be a single service or ongoing support you can rely on us to deliver results cost effectively.

pet care


We love pets and want to ensure your four- legged friend is part of the services we can provide. Therefore, we offer pet-sitting, walking, groomer appointments and accompanying your pet to veterinarian visits. We will make sure your furry friends are well looked after during your stay or while you are away.